being self-employed

What You Need To Know About Being Self-Employed

Whether you write a non-fiction or a fiction, you will be able to make enough money by writing eBooks. With an increase in the use of digital reading devices, eBooks have become pretty popular. This popularity of the e-readers has established new range of opportunities to the new writers.

If you are new to this then find out how easy it is to publish your own eBook.

Starting an eBook

The process of publishing an eBook might be pretty simple but writing an eBook is not.  However, you should know that a badly written book is not going to help you make money, irrespective of how cheap it is. Thus, before you start, you need to think about the type of book that you are planning to write.  In case you are writing a non-fiction book, consider the niche you will be writing for.   Do not forget to take the length of the book into account.  It is better to pat a professional editor to vet the work prior to publishing anything.

Judge a Book by It’s Cover

A good book cover is important for the success of the eBook. Books are displayed online with the image thumbnail of its cover design. Hence, it is important that you use a good one. Use a striking and simple image which tells the reader what the book is about.

Uploading an eBook

Prior to uploading your eBook, it is important to write a description. This is a great chance to sell your work. Thus, you need to write a compelling blurb without giving away the secrets.

Create a Brand

When you are done uploading the book by clicking the Save and Publish button, you need to wait for 24 hours before the book is listed on the online store. It is better to promote the book on the social networking sites.

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