The Social Networking Security Revolution With Connectsocial

Breach of privacy on social media is greatly attributed to ads that use your browsing history against you. popup ads and disruptions on your network when scrolling through posts can be very frustrating. Free social networks are open to all these frustrations which is why Connectsocial has become very popular for both active and passive social media users. Connectsocial allows you to build your social network with real reliable people and control who sees what you post and what you see when you go online.


The connectsocial app is now an easy way to join the most secure community online with more convenience. It is compatible with both android iOS available on Google playstore and Apple store.


It takes up little space on the device memory but still gives notifications on the progress in your favorite networks without causing a lag on your device performance. You can post multiple photos and videos with total control over whether they should be seen and whether people are allowed to comment and react.


The greatest feature on Connectsocial is that is free of ads. Once you create your account, you can post and share photos, texts, and videos, create groups, pages, and event invitations. Since the company does not allow large corporations and advertisers to peep at what you are doing, the platform has to be financed by users. You get a 3-day free trial after installing. The rates are also user-friendly, the subscription currently costs $7.99 annually. You can also start with a $0.99 monthly subscription.


With the self-moderating community, Spammers and bullies have no chance of messing your experience. The users have full control over what stays on the network. If you get an offensive post, you can hide or report it and the administrators will prevent it from appearing on your timeline or even remove it totally from the network.


Like Facebook and other platforms, Connectsocial allows you to make any type of post or event invite and people can like, comment and share. You, however, have to make it public and decide on which group of people have access to interact with your posts.


The Connectsocial community was developed by Connectsocial Inc to give users more autonomy over every event they perform on social media. With the current privacy and data security crisis on social media platforms, everyone needs a safe community.


Connectsocial provides the friendly online neighborhood with a self-regulating community everyone likes. If you are new to the community, you should invite more friends to come on board to create your own community on the platform.


*This is a collaborative post.

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