Kindle Paperwhite vs Kobo Clara

These days there are two big brands that are making e-book readers, Amazon and Kobo. Kobo has introduced the new entry level Clara HD. However, the question that troubles many is whether this is worthy rival to the well-known Kindle.

To understand better, you need to check out the features these two possesses.

Kindle Paper White vs Kobo Clara HD: The Difference

Kobo is a step ahead when it comes to the internal storage. It has double the space of Paperwhite within the same price. As a matter of fact, the Kindle Oasis is the only reader from Amazon with 8 GB of price.

Both the readers have a 6 inch display. Moreover, each of them has their own bookstore.  Kobo has mentioned that the pre-installed store is actually home to more than 5 million titles. Again, Amazon claims that the Kindle store has above 5.5. million books along with one million titles that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

The Kobo Clara HD is much lighter than the Kindle. Even though it doesn’t have a 3g connectivity like Kindle, it supports EPUB3, EPUB, and PDF files. The AZW files which are developed by Kindle are not compatible.

Amazon has introduced a firmware update which will allow you to sideload in your own fonts. Kobo might not have unlimited program. However, it has advanced features. You have always able to sideload the fonts and they have slider bars which will allow you to adjust the line font size, margins, spacing.

There are several advanced features which will allow you to customize your reading experience. Kobo is considered to be more refined than Amazon by many. Hence, if you are a night reader, Kobo might be a good solution. It will go the extra mile to reduce the eye strain even after hours and hours of burdensome book consumption.

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