How to use Kindle’s Custom Font Feature

There is one thing that poses a problem for many readers while reading on Kindle and that is the lack of good font choices. You are actually stuck with the few font options which Amazon gives you and you will not be able to modify the weight and boldness of the font. Many e-readers will support the side loaded fonts so that you are able to add any OTF and TTF fonts to a particular folder and have an option to us then when you read a book. However, this is not an option with Kindle.

Fortunately, there are ways to chance fonts on Kindle. The process is pretty simple and it only takes few minutes when you have got everything set up.

Tips to Change Kindle Fonts

The only way to use customized font with Kindle eBook is to embed the font in the books. Caliber will make the process really easy.  Anyone will be able to do it.

  • First you will have to install Caliber onto the computer with the removal plugin of Apprentice Alf’s DRM. The DRM needs to be removed from Kindle eBooks to change and convert a particular file to AZW3.
  • When you have caliber setup, it is an easy process of importing your Kindel books into Calibre and then doing a quick conversion. You need to use Kindle for PC for in order to download your Kindle books. Download this from Manage Your Content page that you will get from Amazon. Thereafter, click on Add Books with Calibre for adding them to Calibre.
  • Make use of Calibre’s Convert Book feature for introducing the conversion window. You will be able to add bulk conversion or one book at a time.

There are only two things that you will require to change the font on your Kindle books. Firstly, ensure that the output format is set to AZW3. Thereafter, from the Look & Feel tab you will be able to choose what the font family embeds. There is wide range of fonts that you can choose from.

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