How to make your product stand out from the crowd

How to make your product stand out from the crowd

When you’re launching any new product, it’s important to thing about how you’re going to attract people to buy it. You need to think about how you’re going to make your product stand out from the crowd. What’s going to make people want to buy your product over everybody else’s?

If you’re marketing a new ebook what’s going to make somebody click and buy yours over the competition? You may have fantastic content, but that’s not what’s going to get you sales – at least not in the early days. Word of mouth will eventually help sell your fantastic content, but you need to get buyers in first!

Offer some freebies

The thought of giving away the product you’ve worked so hard on may fill you with dread. But hear me out on this one! With any new product, it can be an uphill struggle to get the word out. By offering your product for free in return for reviews, you’re getting your name out there. It’s a really good idea to ask social influencers to try out your product in return for social media sharing, a blog review or a review on Amazon.

Concentrate on your packaging

How you package your product is actually really important. Whether you’re selling an ebook or a box of cereal, it’s the packaging that your potential customers will see first. Think about relevant colours and images and use eye-grabbing text. Make it clear what your product is and what it represents. Whilst you do need some text, don’t overwhelm your product with text either.

Know your buyers

It’s important to know exactly who you’re promoting your product to. Is it a product that will appeal to a man in his early 20s? Or something that a young Mum would be interested in? You need to know who your buyers will be so that you can build up your campaign specifically geared towards them.

How to make your product stand out from the crowd

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