Five Tips for Creating Your Own e-Book

Making an e-Book can be pretty overwhelming. Apart from writing content, you will also have to design and format the professional looking document in such a manner that people will want to download and read it. Here are some five tips that will help you to create your own e-Book.

Choose a Topic According to Your Audience’s Need

The primary goal of your e-Book is to generate leads.  Thus, you need to choose a topic which will make the prospective readers to download your eBook. Get your creative juices flowing!

Outline Each Chapter of the e-Book

The introduction of your e-Book needs to set the stage for the content of the e-Book and attract the readers. Make sure that you consider what you are going to cover in your e-Book and how your reader is going to benefit from it. Some e-Book creators might say e-Book is actually a series of blog posts stitched together. However, you should not treat each chapter like an individual blog post. The best way to outline the e-Book is to just think of it as a crash course.

Break Down Each Chapter While Writing

While you write, you will be able to approach each chapter the manner in which you write a blog post. Compartmentalize each into bullet points and smaller sections. This process will enable you to write clearly and simply, instead of using a complicated language to convey each and every point. However, make sure that you are maintaining a consistent structure.

Design Your e-Book

You will get downloadable e-Book templates. You can use these to design your e-Book.  If you want, you will be able to do it with the help of PowerPoint.

Use the Right Color

This is where you need to personalize your work. It is better to consider secondary colors within the color palate of your brand. E-Book is where this color is going to truly shine. You can customize the color scheme in the e-Book template as per your brand.

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